Al Reem Residence

An interior overflowing with accents on every surface, we’ve made the villa as appealing as possible upon first entry, as it leaves an impression on guests and residents alike. Asymmetrical rhombus-shaped marble tiling accented with brassy metal inlays extend from the entrance to the reception area, to be artfully replaced by subdued dark wood paneling in the main living areas for a more comfortable feel.
Deep greys of the living area contrast with the brightness of the well-lit reception area, allowing it to appear as a refuge, a hidden bunker of comfort and quiet. Strong vertical design elements allow the room to stretch upwards, and draw attention to the ceiling height. Built-in lighting preserves the height, and prevents the space from looking too compacted, but rather spacious and open.

  • Location

    6 October city - Egypt

  • Size

    350 m2

  • Services

    Interior design

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